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We will be updating this section soon , we will include vehicles currently held by the museum and a few regular visitors.

Vehicles Housed & on display at the museum include

Dennis Turntable Ladder 38.2 meters/125 feet Car 49

Car 49 came into service 1956 at Ann St Fire Station and remained in service until 1984.
Consists of a five-section ladder assembly mounted on a special Dennis Chassis.
Powered by a straight eight cylinder petrol which develops 146 BHP at 3000 RPM, reaches to a height of 125 feet or 38.2 metres.
Turntable ladders are a natural progression from the manual ladders. They were developed to cope with increased building heights, filling the need for a type of ladder capable of a greater extended height than ‘wheeled Escapes’.
A ladder that would be self-supporting and possess the inherent stability to enable a monitor being operated from its head.

Building heights have outstripped ladders in relation to maximum safe extension, however there is still an important role for turntable ladders in both firefighting and rescue fields.


Metropolitan Fire Brigade Brisbane X no 7

B505 Mack Thermodyne, 6-cylinder petrol engine. Mack Fire Appliance fitted with 50ft wheeled escape.

One of only six fully imported from the USA in a cowl and chassis and original left hand drive configuration.

Replacements for Model 75 or 200 series Mack’s which arrived Lend Lease from the USA in April 1942.

Body designed by Mr Viv Dowling Motor Officer for the M.F.B.

Built by Enoggera Body Works South Pine and Raymont Road.

Fitted with Gwynne – Single Impeller – Twin Volute Pump capable of pumping 3375 litres a minute.

Also fitted with a Winn Rotary Geared Case One Pump.

Willys Jeep Pumper (image not actual vehicle)

‘Noosa Car 1’

This Willys Jeep Fire Appliance started life at Pomona , near Noosa, then made its way to Tawantin and then Cooran, at the end of its service life between 1986 and 1990 the vehicle served as a lube mobile for other appliances running oils and alike to various stations.

The Queensland Government supplied a number of these units to small rural towns in the late 1950's and early 60's.

The trucks left the Willys Brisbane factory as cab/chassis and were converted in Brisbane prior to being put into service throughout the state."

The vehicle came into service around 1957 or 58, has an O’Hare Pump, and its motor is a ‘Hurricane 6’ side valve.
The body was made by Enoggera Motor Body Works.

Ford Emergency Tender

'details pending'


Ford Bus Pump (image not actual vehicle)

details pending'

Last of the line.

This 1983 Magirus Iveco

was the last turntable

ladder in the QFRS Fleet.

1983 Magirus Iveco Turntable Ladder

Ladder Model: Magirus DL37, 37 metre (120 feet), four section.

Pump: Magirus Deutz, 2270 LPM
Engine: Deutz air cooled V8 turbo engine 232 HP.

Transmission: Allison MT643 Automatic
In 1975 Magirus Deutz was purchased by Iveco. By 1983 when this TTL was purchased the company was known as Magirus Iveco, but this forward control cab design was destined to be deleted from the range in the same year. Air-cooled engines were also being phased out with the last one produced in 1988.
The Magirus name still continues with fire appliances still produced, but it refers to the fire fighting equipment and not the brand of truck.

When most people think of a fire truck this shape comes to mind,

 one of the most used fire vehicles

of any one truck model in Australia.

International ACCO

1979 Model, Manual Transmission
Ex QFS then to Jimboomba Rural Fire Brigade

The first ACCO designated appliances with a flat nose where released around 1973, if you also count the 1600 series you can go back a further 5 years or so.

In the NSW Fire Brigade alone, the International ACCO had at its peak around 400 various models based on this shape.

This shape is still in use with the latest technologies in Western Australia with Iveco now holding this shaped model

1963 Dodge


8 Cylinder (V8)

Originally from Beaudesert Urban Fire Brigade until the mid 1970’s this unit was handed to the Greenbank Rural Fire Brigade when Beaudesert was supplied with a new Fire Appliance.

This vehicle was donated to the Fire Brigades Historical Society in March of 1999.

 This type of Appliance is fitted with a Mars 500 G.P.M pump.  

1934 Dennis250/400 Fire Engine

Car 233 Delivered into NSW Fire Brigade service July 1935.
Retired in June 1969 to an amusement operator in Canberra.

Vehicle ended up in the Brickworks Museum in Canberra, this site then closed in the Mid 80’s and 3 of these type of vehicles ended up in the ACT Fire Brigade Museum with Car 233 finding its way to Queensland, how and when it made it here is unclear but is believed to be after 1980.

Ford - Austral Expo 88 Fire Appliance

More details to follow

Image Pending 1947 Dennis F1 Fire Appliance

This Dennis was in service with the NSW Fire Brigades, Car 19, in December 1951

The vehicle has a 400 GPM pump and its body style is unique to NSW Fire Brigades.

The vehicle left the NSW Fire Brigades in April 1978 and made its way to Queensland in 1994, no details of how or why are available.


Images & details to be added soon

* International Open Cab - Rural

* Toyota Landcruiser - Rural

* Mack Wheeled Escape

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